No one said that a run for Congress would be easy under any circumstances. And before launching the campaign, I knew that to win as an independent was like taking the difficult and multiplying it times ten.

But let’s face it. Compared to the hardworking families in this district who haven’t seen a real increase in their wages in almost twenty years – it’s worth the fight. A fight I have no intention of walking away from.

Maybe that’s why my candidacy strikes fear and panic among the entrenched partisan insiders.  Who would have thought that my message of trying to change the tired old ways of our political system, especially when it comes to job creation and ending the strong hold of special interests, would be met with such resistance by both my opponents and the traditional party establishment.

Establishment doesn’t want outsiders

My premise on running is not complicated. I am all about changing things to help more of our best and brightest talent stay here to create companies and jobs in new industries so we can keep families together. Why should this message be such a galvanizing force for the establishment to work so hard to keep me out of the race?

Yet it has.  That’s why two of my opponents and their gang of insiders, lawyers and lobbyists have conspired multiple times to try to deny me ballot access.  

They are throwing up every possible roadblock by using arcane election rules, manufacturing objections to newly registered voters and filing multiple lawsuits aimed at stopping my campaign.

Ballot process favors insiders

Would it surprise you to learn that right now, thousands of new voter registrations throughout New York State are sitting in boxes unprocessed and untouched by Board of Elections officials? It’s true, and hundreds of these new voters were registered by our campaign, right here in this district. These were voters believing in my message and who now have their intentions of support tossed aside because of bureaucratic inertia to overcome the extra work involved in handling different dates for this year’s Federal primaries here in NY State.

All across the state, voters are being disenfranchised by an outdated, inefficient, underfunded partisan election apparatus that is manipulated for the benefit of the major party insiders.  

Our campaign has filed a complaint with the investigative unit of the New York State Board of Elections because this overtly egregious process must end. And it should end, not for the benefit of our campaign, but for the thousands of voices who this broken system is trying to silence.

Let there be no doubt – I’m still in the race

So while the deck may be stacked against an independent bid for Congress, make no mistake, my resolve to win this election gets stronger every day.  

My message of real job creation is resonating with many people who are tired of the same old promises of more jobs from politicians who have no idea how to create them.

My opponents are scared and they should be!  

I’m running for Congress by helping others do what I have been doing for decades – create jobs in the newer industries that in turn spur growth across other sectors around the region.

The old ways aren’t working and to be successful we are going to have to disrupt the status quo, close the loopholes and shine a light on job killing regulations and the corruptive influence of special interest PACs that fuel campaigns and lead to bad decisions made by our elected officials.

Surely, my opponents will continue to throw all the obstacles they can at us, but what they don’t realize is that my campaign for Congress moves forward on something stronger than obscure rules and legal papers.  

As an independent, I am not shackled by party ideology and in fact have always planned paths to get on the ballot beyond the Independence Party that my opponents fought so hard to block me from.

Rest assured, I will be on the November general election ballot and know that our campaign will be raising enough visibility so that voters throughout NY’s 22nd Congressional district will look closely at what I’ve got to offer.

Even more than ideas and a vision on how to create better jobs, it is my track record of having proven I know how to do that which makes all the difference.

Voters will decide for themselves who can deliver results as an alternative to politicians just making the same hollow, worn out promises we’ve been hearing for too long.

Working together, we’ll not only accelerate the journey of restoring economic vitality to our region, we’ll retain more of our top talent right here and keep our families together.

Join us!