Our campaign is catching on fire! With 435 Congressional Districts across the country, BallotPedia reports only 19 races to be competitive.

Our race in NY’s 22nd has turned into the most competitive race in the entire country! It’s so close, expert pollsters can’t even predict an outcome. What they do say is NY22 is the only Congressional race with an independent candidate who is competitive enough to win – drawing equally from Republican, Democrat and independent voters, as well as across all geographies in the District. We are making history – right here in Upstate New York.

Reasoning behind the outcry of support for our campaign is the need for change. As citizens, we expect and deserve much better than we’re seeing in this Presidential cycle, and we’re upset our political process is so broken.

Instead of choosing our President based on their policy and vision, it seems everyone’s attention is on which candidate has the bigger character flaws. This is truly a reflection of how our primary process failed us, giving highlight to the disfunction within our two major party system. This is the reason why I decided to run for Congress as an independent candidate.

In office, I’ll have the enviable position of being able to collaborate with both parties to get things done without having to make promises to party leadership or special interest funders. More importantly, my winning opens the door for other independent candidates. If even a few more independents get elected, their representation will become a force that starts pulling the major parties off extreme positions and more to the center – in line with the interests of most voters.

Thank you for your support in this effort. Please share this message with your friends and let us know who we should be speaking with.

Working together, we can make a difference in both the District and across the country by leveraging the opportunities to be a third party representative beholden to no but you!



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