Volunteer to Support Babinec for Congress

With Election Day soon upon us, our volunteer opportunities are all oriented towards Get Out the Vote!

Display a Lawn Sign or Campaign Banner
Depending on your location, our volunteers will either deliver or suggest a pickup point for you.

Spread the Word on Social Media
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your likes and posting comments help show support. Even better is sharing our posts and campaign releases through your network, including emailing to friends. We will also be delivering new episodes of our documentary Running Independent –  An Inside Story right up until Election Day. These are great to share!

Get Out the Vote Calls from Home
We have an easy to use computer program that allows you to contact voters from the comfort of your own home. It includes an automatic dialer that places calls through your computer or mobile phone. These calls remind our voters to make sure they get to the polls on November 8th and as needed, help clarifying polling locations, ballot instructions and making arrangements with our tram for transportation if required.

Hang Literature On Doors
This volunteer staffs one of our office locations during designated hours during weekdays or weekends. You would help answer inbound calls, greet walk-in voters, hand out lawn signs and other campaign materials, and funnel media requests to the Campaign Manager.

Volunteer On Election Day
There is a lot to do on November 8th. You can be part of our Election Day team in a number of ways. We need people to make last minute phone calls, remind people on social media to vote, and drive people to the polls. We will be putting together a schedule and assigning duties in the next few days.

Connect to Discuss Volunteer Opportunities
In addition to filling out this form, you can also reach out to us director at babinecforcongress.com/contact

Volunteering for the Martin Babinec for Congress campaign is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Not only are you assisting in a great cause committed to creating more high-paying jobs in Upstate, but the experience will be full of fun and excitement.

We list descriptions of sample volunteer roles on this page. Check the boxes for any role(s) that might sound right for you to get started. 

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Volunteer Opportunities