Running Independent is an inside look at the challenges an independent candidate faces taking on the two-party political system in the U.S.

Learn how Martin fought the rigged system

Episode 1: Starting from Zero

The stakes are high as Martin and his team discuss the importance of an upcoming trip to Binghamton, NY. As an independent with no government experience and no support system in place, these weekend trips need to pack a one-two punch, get the message out there, and recruit volunteers.

Episode 2: Spiedie Fest

As Martin and Jim get some quality face time with festival attendees, they notice their every move is secretly being filmed. A tracker representing the Democratic Party in the State of New York is following Martin, filming his campaign style and hopeful to catch any moment on video they can use against him in attack ads. As the day wears on, Martin finally crosses paths with the tracker and decides to confront him.

Episode 3: Getting Creative

Martin sits down with the filmmakers for an in-depth interview about his choice of running for congress and why he agreed to make this documentary. Martin lays out the Upstate Jobs Party and we hear from colleagues who back Martin’s decision to run. Later, Martin finds himself at odds with his campaign staff about running Attack Ads, which is against his beliefs.

Episode 4: Drawing from All Sides

As an independent, Martin pulls support from both parties equally, even from within his staff. Episode 4 explores the diverse staff making up Martin’s campaign and how they found themselves working for an independent. In the run-up to the election, it’s important people put aside their differences and focus on one thing, getting Martin elected.

Episode 5: GOTV

In the final days before the election, Martin files a lawsuit against the board of elections for falsely identifying him on the already printed voter ballots. While it seems like there may not be enough time left to correct this mistake, Martin and his team turn to the one last thing they can do. Hit the streets and get out the vote.

Martin Babinec has created jobs for his company and built a nonprofit that helps others create jobs. Now he’ll put proven methods to work catalyzing more job creation across Upstate New York.

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