How Martin has fought a rigged system

During the course of his historic Independent Campaign for Congress, Martin has not only fought his opponents, but a rigged system controlled by political insiders and special interests.

Here is just a partial list of the obstacles thrown at Martin during the campaign:

  • Turned away by party leaders, Martin was not allowed a fair opportunity to present his credentials to be considered for participation as a primary candidate.
  • Local boards of elections failed to process hundreds of new voter registrations before the filing period for Martin’s Independence Party petitions.
  • State Board of Elections invalidated Independence Party petitions because newly registered voters were not filed in a timely manner by the local boards.
  • After receiving more than 10,000 petitions from voters supporting the Upstate Jobs Party, (the largest petition operation for an independent candidate in the history of NYS), the State Board of Elections took two full months to validate the Upstate Jobs Party line.
  • Without providing any notice to the candidate, State Board of Elections informed the media of their decision to consolidate Upstate Jobs Party with Reform Line – only reversing their decision after being presented with documents from Babinec campaign to litigate the erroneous consolidation.
  • Notwithstanding the State Board of Elections decision designating Upstate Jobs Party as a separate party line, local election boards consolidated Upstate Jobs Partly Line with the Libertarian Line providing no notice of this decision before printing of ballots.
  • Eleven days before the election, a politically appointed judge denied Martin’s request to reverse the improper consolidation of Upstate Jobs Party to the Libertarian line.
  • Five days before the election, Siena Research wrongly identified Martin as the Libertarian candidate skewing the poll results released to the media and further confusing voters.
  • More than $7 million dollars in negative ads have been spent by opponents and special interest PACs to smear Martin’s name. He is the only candidate in the race not to run negative ads attacking his opponents.

On Tuesday, November 8th, you have a historic opportunity to elect the only 3rd party candidate who can win across the country and send a message to the political establishment that we are tired of the rigged two party system.