Little Falls, New York – Babinec for Congress Campaign today released Episode 2 of the documentary series “Running Independent.” ¬†Episode 2, “Spiedie Fest,” takes us with Martin as he spends the weekend at Spiedie Fest in Binghamton recruiting volunteers, talking job creation with voters and confronting a tracker from the State Democratic Party.

“If voters understood the games that are being played by the two parties, the dirty tricks and the money they waste they would be even more disgusted,” said Babinec.

“Running Independent” is an inside look at the unique and challenging journey of running for Congress as an outsider. There hasn’t been an independent candidate elected to Congress in 26 years covering more than 5,000 Congressional elections. By telling Martin’s story, the series aims to open a dialogue about the broken two party political system and smooth the path for future independent candidates.

“My goal is to bring voters on the road with the campaign and experience a process that is stacked against average citizens running for office – we can make a difference here,” said Babinec.

The series, produced by Floating Homes Films, will be released online over the balance of the campaign.


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