Little Falls, New York – Babinec for Congress today released “Make Your Vote Count.”

With Election Day just one week away, “Make Your Vote Count,” focuses on the voter frustration with establishment politicians who despite years of promises have failed to deliver jobs and growth to the Upstate economy.

Independent, Reform and Upstate Jobs candidate Martin Babinec has a real Jobs Plan, and because he is not taking one penny of special interest money he’s positioned to help bring the two parties together and break the gridlock that infects Washington.

“The election is one of the most divisive in our lifetime, leaving us with two bad choices. In New York’s 22nd Congressional District, voters have a chance to make their vote count and send a message to the two major parties that the status quo isn’t good enough,” said Babinec.


Various: Over the years,  I voted for Democrats.
I voted for Republicans.
It’s like it doesn’t even matter.
No jobs.
Worsening economy.
People leaving.
Where’s our future?
It’s like my vote doesn’t count.
This year, 
I’m voting for independent
Martin Babinec
Martin Babinec
Martin Babinec
Real jobs plan, job creator.
He gets it.
I want my kids 
My grandkids
to stay here.
This year, 
I’m making my vote count.
Make your vote count.
MB: I’m Martin Babinec and I approve this message.