Over the last few weeks, NY’s primary was the spotlight both here and around the country.

For the first time that I can recall, presidential candidates were campaigning in our area during the primary season – truly a good thing as more people got engaged and turned out to vote.

While I took in news reports on all the candidates, John Kasich was the only one I was able to see in person.

His town hall meeting at Mohawk Valley Community College was a packed house and friendly crowd.

Gov. Kasich was as personable in person as he appears in the news. His blue-collar roots and steady rise in leadership roles was a story all of us in the Mohawk Valley could appreciate. 

He articulated clear plans to address difficult problems like our national security, health care, rising debt and economic challenges – including job creation.

Most impressive from my standpoint was his insistence that we as individuals have the opportunity to drive change without waiting for the politicians to do something. When faced with known problems in our community, we can choose to be among the complainers who leave it to others to do something, or if we’re fed up enough, start jumping in to become involved in driving change ourselves.

I thought it refreshing to hear that coming from a politician, a message we don’t hear often enough.

With the voting now behind us, we know Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump scored decisive wins. They move on to other states as they seek to lock up their party’s nomination before the summer conventions.

But I’ll be hoping that the wave of interest created by the presidential primary doesn’t subside anytime soon. Not only is there still much drama yet to unfold before nominations are firmed up, but now people’s attention might start opening up for this race in NY’s 22nd Congressional District.

With 7 candidates, our race is actually one of the most hotly contested in the entire country.

The congressional primary date is June 28th so all candidates are now pedaling hard to raise name awareness and build support.

I’m doing it the hard way, running an independent 3rd party campaign and declining special interest PAC dollars that have been corrupting our politics.

But because of my having an exclusive endorsement by the Independence Party, I am assured a spot on the November 8th general election ballot without having to compete in the primary process. While that’s an advantage in one sense, I’m a realist to acknowledge I also lack both name recognition and the advantages that flow from being part of a major party.

So efforts continue in our building the team and internal resources needed for us to make productive use of volunteers who want to help. To echo Governor Kasich, I’m hoping, like me, more and more people will get off the sidelines, get involved and join our campaign. Together I know we can make real change happen.

Thank you for your confidence and support. I am looking forward to more contact!