What Upstate Job Creators are Saying About Martin Babinec

Chuck Stormon is the Founder & CEO of RushTera

In August, the Babinec Campaign hosted a “job creator” event bringing together more than 20 entrepreneurs, with approximately 1,150 employees, at his home in Little Falls.  Everyday throughout the next week, the campaign will release individual testimonials from many of the job creators who attended that event.
Here is what Chuck Stormon Founder & CEO of RushTera had to say:
“I think he will make it to Congress and it’ll be great triumph for regular hard-working people because that’s where Martin started out.”


“I guess it’s unusual for someone to come back from Silicon Valley to upstate New York but it doesn’t surprise me in Martin’s case because it’s really who he is, his grounding in this region and his ability to see that the beauty and the resources that we have here.”


“Martin’s desire to create jobs is really who he is.”


“I admire the fact that he’s willing to do hard work to make something different happen so that we can get some legislation that is pro-jobs and pro-economy instead of all the rhetoric that we usually hear.”
Founded in 2012, RushTera is software company that makes sharing big files less painful by providing accelerated upload/download, storage, sharing and management of large media files. Chuck also Co-Founded (with Martin Babinec and Nasir Ali) the StartFast Venture Accelerator, a private investor funded program that powers a group of 5-10 startup companies each summer in Central NY. He is a member of Upstate Venture Connect’s UNY50 Entrepreneurial Leadership Network.


Learn more about Chuck Stormon and his company RushTera https://www.rushtera.com
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