“We Can Do This!”

Monday March 21st marked the formal announcement and campaign kickoff. Joined by my wife Krista and our son, Jared, I was humbled by the turnout of a standing room only crowd at the Stone Mill’s Black Box theater in my hometown of Little Falls.

More than just showing up, it was the number of friends who went out of their way to express their commitment to help in the campaign that left me feeling both appreciative and “We can do this!”

We can do this, because we have to do this. We must adapt and create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, keeps our families together, encourages innovation and produces jobs. The old thinking is failing us – we have to end the special interests, corporate giveaways, the tax loopholes and reinvest those resources into supporting our real job creators, I’m running as an independent and won’t accept PAC dollars – because the only people I will be beholden to are the taxpayers. That is the only way to achieve the real change we need.

It’s a formidable undertaking to go from zero to a high-impact organization capable of reaching across NY 22’s 717,000 residents in just 33 weeks. But in many respects, the process of starting fresh and growing fast is one I’ve been in the center of for nearly three decades. Not only with my own companies and organizations, but also helping other entrepreneurs build theirs.

We have some terrific talent already in the mix and many more yet to join. I am energized by the support from friends, and pledge to stay on track with expanding reach while staying true to the values that prompt me to pursue this journey – as an independent running for Congress, beholden to no one but the voters.