The Martin Babinec for Congress campaign is asking the State Supreme Court to overturn the latest effort by our political establishment to disenfranchise voters

“Donald Trump says the election is rigged, I can tell you in the 22nd Congressional District – he is right!”

Babinec calls on Tenney and Myers to join and stand up for voters rights


Little Falls, New York – Just weeks after the State Board of Elections reversed their decision to consolidate the Upstate Job Party (UJP) line with the Reform Line, seven local county election boards of the 22nd Congressional District combined the line with the Libertarian line effectively disenfranchising over 10,000 voters who signed a petition to establish the Upstate Jobs Party. Among all the counties in the 22nd Congressional District, only Oneida County properly preserved the Upstate Jobs line.


The actions by seven of the local boards, Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Herkimer, Madison, Oswego and Tioga is a clear effort to disenfranchise voters.


“It’s no wonder voters are angry at an establishment that is working against them. From arcane ballot access rules, to the millions of special interest campaign contributions that are telling lies about all the candidates, to the shadowy ballot decisions by partisan election boards – the system is broken,” said Babinec.


“Upstate Jobs Party has built its own website, social media presence and direct mail so it’s no surprise that we’ve received calls from voters asking why the UJP is not listed on absentee ballots already mailed out. This is a situation we must correct before the ballots are distributed to the polling locations,” added Campaign Manger Jim Baker.


Babinec added, “ Donald Trump says the election is rigged, I can tell you in the 22nd Congressional District – he is right!”


This is just the latest in a long stream of efforts to undermine Babinec’s independent campaign including:
● The failure of local boards to process new voter registrations before the filing period;
● The State Board invalidating Independence Party petitions;
● State Board took two full months to validate Upstate Jobs Party;
● State Board initially sought to consolidate Upstate Jobs Party with Reform Line – reversing their decision only after being presented with documents from Babinec campaign to litigate the consolidation decision;
● And now local boards consolidating Upstate Jobs Partly Line with the Libertarian Line.


“I’m calling on my opponents, Claudia Tenney and Kim Myers to join me in preserving the rights of all the voters in the 22nd Congressional District,” said Babinec.
The motion will be heard on Friday in State Supreme Court.


Concluded Babinec,“This kind of rigged insider scheming is why 95% of incumbents are reelected, why we haven’t had an independent elected to Congress in 26 years and why people are so angry and disenfranchised by the establishment.”


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