Martin Babinec is following the example set by Congressman John F. Kennedy

Joins Donald Trump in declining government payment

Little Falls, New York – Following the example set by former Congressman, Senator and President John F. Kennedy, independent third party candidate Martin Babinec today pledged to donate his Congressional salary to charity.

“John F. Kennedy would be rolling in his grave if he knew that today we have members of Congress who have flipped his famous axiom and are more focused on what America can do for them – as opposed to what they can do for America,” said Babinec.

He added, “From special interest funding to the lobbyist revolving door, too many in Washington are focused on landing their next job instead of your next job.”

John F. Kennedy famously donated his salary as President to charity, but according to a 1962 article from United Press International, he also donated the entirety of the salary he earned during his 14 years in the House and Senate.

In September 2015, Donald Trump said he does not want the $400,000 annual salary that comes with being President and would turn it down if elected.

Babinec indicated that donations will be targeted to contribution categories of education, human development, arts, local communities and organizations supporting job creation.

When our nation was founded, serving in Congress was considered an honor and members were paid $6 per year. Today’s congressional salary is $174,000 annually.

Concluded Babinec, “These are hard times for many throughout the 22nd Congressional District and I believe it is important to reclaim a tradition of service.”


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