By Marc Barraco | WUTR.TV

Monday’s school board’s workshop featured educators from across Oneida Madison and Herkimer counties. And among several questions raised, common core remains a top concern.

Congressional Candidate Martin Babinec says, “I am a believer that how that has played out in New York State it’s probably worked to the detriment of our local school systems and our teachers, removing the necessary flexibility for them to adapt to the conditions they see on the ground in the classroom.”

Babinec says Claudia Tenney needs to stop wasting taxpayer moneyNEXT -> Martin Babinec asks Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney “what’s the deal” with wasting taxpayer dollars on a political mail piece saying, “Career politicians of all stripes, even self described conservatives like Claudia, have only one ideology when it comes to spending taxpayers dollars – it’s not Tea Party, it’s the Me Party.”

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