Mailing raises the question is Tenney a member of the Tea Party or the “Me Party?”

Calls on Tenney to release cost of the mailer.

Little Falls, New York – Independent, Reform and Upstate Jobs Candidate Martin Babinec today asked Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney “what’s the deal” with wasting taxpayer dollars on what amounts to a campaign mailer.

Babinec says Claudia Tenney needs to stop wasting taxpayer moneyThe mailer headlined “Stop Governor Cuomo – Keep Government Out of Health Care,” hit mailboxes throughout Tenney’s Assembly District last week, seemingly just inside the Assembly rules which prohibit mailings “within sixty days of such general election” (see Assembly rules below.) Tenney, a career politician and perennial candidate for one office or another is not seeking reelection to the Assembly.

“Career politicians of all stripes, even self described conservatives like Claudia, have only one ideology when it comes to spending taxpayers dollars – it’s not Tea Party, it’s the Me Party,” said Babinec.

He added, “Even worse the mailing provides absolutely zero benefit to taxpayers and really just amounts to a litany of Tenney’s failed efforts to derail Obamacare in New York.”

Babinec says Claudia Tenney needs to stop wasting taxpayer dollarsBabinec also called on Tenney to release the total cost of the mailing so voters can be fully informed about the issue and make up their own minds.

Concluded Babinec, “I’m running for Congress because I believe this is exactly the kind of abuse taxpayers have grown exhausted and is the last thing we need more of in Washington – but release the total costs and let the voters decide.”


Assembly rules state § 10. Use of legislative printing, mail and mass communication facilities. a. The use of legislative printing and mail facilities for newsletters and other forms of mass mailings which bear the name or likeness of a candidate in a local, special, primary or general election shall be prohibited within thirty days of such local, special, or primary election and be prohibited within sixty days of such general election. Members may not utilize other forms of Assembly-funded mass communication media during such thirty day and sixty day periods, respectively. b. The Assembly shall maintain a file containing a copy of each newsletter provided by Assembly facilities which file shall be available to the public. The provisions


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