By State of Politics

The congressional campaign of Martin Babinec on Wednesday is rolling out the first episode of a documentary series chronicling his bid for the open House seat.

The 5-minute first episode of the series “Running Independent” portrays the beginnings of the campaign for Babinec, who is running an independent bid for the 22nd congressional district.

“My goal is to bring voters on the road with the campaign and experience a process that is stacked against average citizens running for office – we can make a difference here,” said Babinec.

The series is being produced by Floating Hope Films.

Babinec’s campaign says the series is aimed at giving “an inside look” at an independent bid for Congress. An independent candidate has not been elected to Congress in 26 years.

Babinec, who would caucus with House Republicans if elected, faces Democrat Kim Myers and Republican Claudia Tenney. Incumbent Republican Richard Hanna is retiring at the end of the term.

All three candidates will square off in a TWC News debate on Thursday at 9 p.m.