What we didn’t hear at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions – 

What can I say? I’m more than a little disappointed after taking in both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions these past two weeks. Discussions that could have clarified who we believe to be the best leader for our country instead left us void of any tangible solutions for a host of pressing issues. From my vantage point, neither party appears serious about putting truly high impact initiatives on the table that will create jobs.

Trump talks a lot about jobs and giving voice to real economic concerns that Americans face, but his ‘Make American Work Again’ night produced a lot of platitudes and little specifics about what policies and initiatives would jumpstart job growth beyond rhetoric of “better deals.”

The Democrats did a lot of flag waving, but were even lighter on job specifics as the topic seemed to have been left off the agenda until a few comments Hilary made in her acceptance speech. We know her proposals of high taxes, regulations and more social programs have appeal to many in one sense, but they are counter productive when it comes to the path of creating more high paying jobs.

But the most disgraceful part of either convention was the email leak showing the Democratic National Committee undermining Bernie Sanders before the primaries were even concluded. This is just the latest example of how tilted the parties are against outsiders, and it’s one of the reasons that led me to run for Congress as an independent – beholden to no one but the voters.

It’s clear the system is rigged in favor of insiders. We see it right here in District 22. We won the Reform Party primary with more than enough votes, yet it took the Board of Elections over a month to certify the election! The electoral process, for both parties, is made up of byzantine rules and bureaucracy that are designed to keep outsiders from running, let alone succeeding.

To this I say we must keep fighting to prioritize solution-based political action over gridlocked partisanship – a key issue of the Upstate Jobs Party and a promise to keep forging consensus, on behalf of all Americans, to get things done.

As an independent candidate, I’m not owned by lobbyists, special interest groups or major party establishment. I won’t accept a penny of special interest. And with your continued support I will keep fighting all the way to victory in November.

If you haven’t already raised your hand as a volunteer, there are many ways you can join us based on your schedule and interests. Displaying a banner in your yard, helping us meet friends in your community, and assisting with out events or offices are just a few of the options. Check out more and sign up on our website at BabinecForCongress.com/Volunteer or call our office directly at 315.219.7752

Thank you in advance. We look forward to seeing you join us in the campaign effort!


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