Statement from Independent and Reform Candidate for Congress Martin Babinec on Start-Up NY Report

“A long overdue report from Empire State Development detailing the results of the Start-Up NY program is just more proof that their is no silver bullet to solving upstate’s anemic economic growth. While the emphasis on nurturing startups is an important one and perhaps well intended, the dismal results speak for themselves. Investing $50 million, not counting an approximated $200 million in advertising, to create some 408 jobs is simply a pathetic return on taxpayers’ investment,” said Martin Babinec.
I’m running an independent campaign for Congress and am leading the effort to create the Upstate Jobs Party because I know there is a better way. But we have to do more than just talk about it – because while they say talk is cheap, we know it’s costing us millions. As a successful entrepreneur, startup investor and small business advocate born and raised in the Mohawk Valley I’m urging New Yorkers throughout the 22nd Congressional District to join our movement, go to our website, and check out our jobs plan. If you agree with our plan get involved! Volunteer, sign our petition and help change the future of our way of life in Upstate,” added Babinec.