What Upstate Job Creators Say About Martin Babinec

Kale Kaposhilin is Co-Founder & Principle of Evolving Media Networks

In August, the Babinec Campaign hosted a “job creator” event bringing together more than 20 entrepreneurs, with approximately 1,150 employees, at Martin’s home in Little Falls. The campaign will release individual testimonials from many of the job creators who attended that event.


Here is what Kale Kaposhilin, Cofounder & Principle of Evolving Media Networks has to say about Martin Babinec:
“Martin Babinec is the real deal when it comes to job creation. It is not common to meet somebody like Martin Babinec in the business world. I know that he’s made jobs and he’s he knows how to make them for others. When it comes to giving before you get and making a community stronger through business Martin has done it his whole life and he’s definitely going to do it when he gets to Washington.”


Evolving Media Networks creates bespoke solutions for clients’ digital needs. Founded in 2001, it has a deep seeded love for the digital arts and a storied history of delivering solutions to clients. Kale is also the cofounder of the Hudson Valley Tech Meetup Group and the Catskills Conf. He serves as a Community Connect for Upstate Venture Connect representing the Hudson Valley.


To learn more about Kale Kaposhilin and Evolving Media Networks go to: https://www.evolvingmedia.net.
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