Entrepreneurs Create Companies, Companies Create Jobs

In this latest edition of the Babinec JOBS Effect Podcast, NY’s 22nd Congressional candidate Martin Babinec discusses the need to support millennial entrepreneurs with the resources they need to create companies that in turn create jobs for Upstate NY. Here’s his plan!

Question: Are there generational issues that get in the way of job creation?

It’s kind of interesting. “Boomers” need to see job creation results on TV or read about it in the local newspaper, whereas millennials think differently. They’re very digitally savvy, so they don’t think for a nanosecond to seek out help beyond their local communities to get something done.

Question: Why don’t millennials just find the help they need online? 

The fact is that even for the millennials today, many of whom think that they can get whatever help they need online, the reality is the most important relationships in our lives still come to us through the traditional two paths – either being referred by a trusted source, or bumping into somebody in what we like to call a “creative collision.” This is central to my whole jobs message. How we build the environment in a fashion that increases the likelihood that through this network of people who are trying to help entrepreneurs, we can actually increase the creative collisions they have by bumping into the right people, or increase the referrals by trusted sources. That’s how we help entrepreneurs get connected to the resources they need so they go on to create companies that create jobs right here in Upstate NY. That’s what I’ve been doing for six years with Upstate Venture Connect and that’s what I’m bringing to Congress with the intent of scaling it up even more. As you’re aware we have collected over 10,000 signatures for the Upstate Jobs Party from people who are supporting this idea of changing the way we go about creating jobs. So let’s keep charging and get the word out there that this is how we do it!


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