Claudia Tenney says she hates crony capitalism and, “Doesn’t get government money.” So why does she take it?

In 2014, her company, Mid-York Press, received at least $200,000 in federal economic development assistance. How much more crony capital is Claudia Tenney hiding? Does she only oppose other companies taking taxpayer funds?

Tenney on Crony Capitalism – In Her Own Words

“We don’t get government tax breaks. We don’t get government money,”


“I don’t have government jobs and government money coming into our business.” Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, 10/11/16


“And I’m against cronyism. I’m against ‘crapitalism’ or crony capitalism, whatever they want to call it.”  Campbell Conversation, 8/13/2016


Tenney pledges to “End corporate welfare, crony capitalism and career politician corruption” Niagara Falls Reporter, 10/13/2016


“This type of insider cronyism is exactly what I have been fighting in Albany,” Tenney said. State of Politics,  7/5/2016


Calls for ending “the crony-capitalist schemes that squander taxpayer money.” NY Post, 1/25/2012


“So the cronyists are running DC, getting rich while the rest of us get soaked, what can we do?” Daily Caller, 4/5/2016


In 2014 Tenney, even in the midst of taking federal economic devolpment aid ran on the issues “free markets, crony capitalism, corporate welfare, overspending, not taking responsible positions about the debt, stopping the debt ceiling from growing, not increasing taxes and not taking billions of taxpayer money and giving it to corporations.” USA TODAY, 7/17/2014

Claudia Tenney, no more double standards. It’s time to come clean on your corporate welfare.


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