By: Marc Barraco | WUTR-TV

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The Little Falls City School District spent roughly $55,000 last year for new technology that included 241 Chromebooks: with 41 going to teachers, 100 for tenth graders and the other 100 going to sixth grade students.

Now, the interesting development to this initiative has been the contribution from a Little Falls resident. From speaking with the School Superintendent Tuesday, recently announced Congressional Candidate Martin Babinec, pledged $80,000 dollars to the school district to help further the technology education for students.
The Superintendent for Little Falls says the contribution from Babinec has given the district an opportunity to become more computer literate, and will also help students become more college and career ready.

Dr. Keith Levatino, says, “That’s given us a jump start on the smart schools bond act. The smart schools bond act is more so for infrastructure and security. We’ve already done that. Our infrastructure is as updated as possible. Our security systems are top notch. So now as the process continues with the smart schools bond act, we can use a lot of that money towards enhancing our technology equipment, today and for the future.”

Levantino adds that Babinec has vowed to continue his support in helping the district with their technology initiative.