On this episode of the Babinec JOBS Effect Podcast, Martin Babinec discusses his reasons for seeking the Reform Party ballot line – of which he secured in this week’s NY22 Congressional District primary over career politician Claudia Tenney.

Two main principles of the Reform Party include stopping Common Core and upholding term limits for elected officials – including Congress. These principles align with Martin Babinec’s platform, and represent his reason behind pursuing the Reform Party line.

How did Martin Babinec go about building the grassroots campaign to win the write-in vote for the Reform Party line?

To do any grassroots effort requires talking with the voters, and I made that outreach for both current members and newly registered members in the Party. I called them up directly, found out who knew of these people. I was also referred in by friends and met with them in person on some occasion. It’s all about having that direct voter contact. That’s what grassroots is all about. We were successful in these efforts, and that’s why we received the majority of the votes to become victorious over Claudia Tenney, who previously had the endorsement of the Reform Party.

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