What Job Creators are Saying About Martin Babinec

Shreefal Mehta Founder, CEO & President of the Paper Battery Company

In August, the Babinec Campaign hosted a “job creator” event bringing together more than 20 entrepreneurs, with approximately 1,150 employees, at Martin’s home in Little Falls. The campaign is releasing individual testimonials from many of the job creators who attended that event. 

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Here is what Shreefal Mehta Founder, CEO & President of the Paper Battery Company has to say about Martin Babinec:
“I must say one of the turning points in my company came about when I met Martin.”
“This is a man who puts his money where his mouth is.”
“Martin came in and told me why I should get more engaged with the local community it really opened my eyes to understanding the impact that I could have fundamentally on a local level.”
“Martin gave me a number of tools that he himself had learned and develop on how to deal with organizational issues, how to deal with people, how to keep them engaged how to be real with them.”


“He really put his time and effort to help mentor me.”


The Paper Battery Company was founded in late 2008 by a truly multi-disciplinary (biotech, nanotech materials, electronics) team of visionary scientists and an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Developing and bringing an advanced hardware technology to market is almost always done in highly developed tech centers like Silicon Valley. Under Shreefal Mehta’s leadership, he’s shown it’s possible to raise multiple rounds of sophisticated venture capital from out of region sources and steadily build a groundbreaking technology just now being sold into original equipment manufacturers globally. 
To learn more about the exciting technology at the Paper Battery Company visit: http://www.paperbatteryco.com
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