Babinec Releases New Ad: “Upstate Jobs Recipe”

Little Falls, New York – Independent, Reform and Upstate Jobs party candidate Martin Babinec released his latest ad “Upstate Jobs Recipe.” The ad tells the story of Babinec’s commitment to job creation and the need to connect entrepreneurs with resources, while urging viewers to visit his website for more details on his plan.

“Career politicians think the only way to create jobs is by giving away taxpayer dollars – there is a better way and it’s why I’m running for Congress,” said Babinec.

Babinec who went back up with ads last week remains the only candidate on air.  The ad is airing on cable and broadcast throughout the district.


VO: Martin Babinec knows the secret to creating more jobs in upstate is connecting entrepreneurs to resources.
After building a successful business he returned home to help others build businesses and create jobs.
Now he is running for Congress with a real plan to create jobs and businesses right here in Upstate New York.
Babinec: “I’m Martin Babinec and I’m proud to approve this message and share my jobs plan, but not my secret recipe.”
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