As both Tenney and Myers go negative, Babinec keeps it positive

“One Issue” = Jobs

Little Falls, New York – As career politicians Claudia Tenney and Kim Myers launch increasingly negative attack ads, Upstate Jobs, Reform and Independent candidate for Congress Martin Babinec, keeps it positive with the ad “One Issue.”
Babinec, who has made job creation and the establishment of the Upstate Jobs Party the cornerstone of his Congressional campaign keeps the focus on the number one issue impacting voters in the 22nd Congressional District – JOBS.
“Career politicians call me a one issue candidate, the fact is their approach has been an abysmal failure. I have a real record of creating jobs and I will put it to work for the people of this district,” said Babinec.
For more on Martin Babinec’s Job ground breaking plan to create jobs and new companies throughout the district visit the website at
The ad is airing on cable and broadcast stations throughout the district.

“Political insiders call me a one-issue candidate.
That I only care about jobs.
Truth is, they’re right.
To me, a job is more than a paycheck.
It’s about dignity, respect, building a brighter future.
My dad worked in local factories, put food on our table and gave us a chance for a brighter future.
That’s the American dream, today it’s at risk upstate and we can’t watch it slip away.
One-issue candidate?  Sure and that issue is you…
I’m Martin Babinec and I approve this message.”
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