In this week’s Babinec JOBS Effect podcast, Martin Babinec, candidate for the 22nd Congressional District, explains the difference between his plan to create jobs and the stories we’ve all heard from politicians that have – to date – produced little job growth results in Upstate New York.

Question: You’ve made jobs the focal point of your campaign. When you consider that people have heard politicians promising they’re going to create jobs, how do you look at the path to create jobs different as an entrepreneur?


A lot of politicians seem to want to get involved in using some of our tax dollars, which get moved over to some private company in the name of creating some sort of deal that will someday create jobs. And they love to stand in front of some sort of building and get their photo taken and say, “Wow! Look what I did for you!” Our real stumbling block when it comes to what causes entrepreneurs to not be able to create as many jobs as we would like has to do with the difficulty that entrepreneurs have in getting connected to the resources necessary for them to build a company out of nothing. And that’s why I started a nonprofit called Upstate Venture Connect that has, as it’s mission, helping first time entrepreneurs create companies and jobs. And I’ve really dedicated the last six years of my life to helping others go down that path in creating these new companies in these new industries with the goal of creating more jobs. We’ve also created six seed capital funds with local investors that actually get involved in helping these first time entrepreneurs create these companies and jobs, and get them connected to resources across Upstate New York and beyond. So that’s what I bring to Congress. It’s very different than how a politician looks at things.

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