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911, 2016

Statement from Martin Babinec on Election Results

"I want to congratulate Claudia Tenney and Kim Myers on a hard-fought race. I have spoken with Assemblywoman Tenney, congratulated [...]

711, 2016

Boehlert Robos for Babinec

Why I'm voting for Martin Babinec - An independent reformer like Martin Babinec can get things done in Congress Little [...]

411, 2016

Martin Babinec Claims Foul on Siena Poll

The Babinec for Congress Campaign blasts partisan Board of Elections and crony judges for confusing voters and Siena pollsters John [...]

211, 2016

Syracuse.com: Inside the ugly $12 million race threatening D.C.’s status quo

By Chris Baker | Syracuse.com A rural patch of New York that includes Utica and Binghamton could prove critical to [...]

111, 2016

TV Ad: Make Your Vote Count

Little Falls, New York - Babinec for Congress today released "Make Your Vote Count." With Election Day just one week [...]

3110, 2016

WCNY Insight: A Race Unlike Any Other

Host Jim Aroune | WCNY Insight "Right now, in this election cycle in particular, our two parties have never been [...]

Martin Babinec has created jobs for his company and built a nonprofit that helps others create jobs. Now he’ll put proven methods to work catalyzing more job creation across Upstate New York.

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