Martin Babinec joined Michael Smerconish to discuss his independent race in NY’s 22nd Congressional District.

42% of the nation regard themselves as independent, yet there are no independents¬†represented in Congress. Martin Babinec is seeking to change that. In this interview with Michael Smerconish on SirusXM POTUS (Politics of the United States for the People of the United States), Babinec shares more about his background as an entrepreneur and job creator, as well as how he’s bringing an alternative to our current two-party system – free of the corrupt interests of political action committees and beholden to no one but the voters.

“I’d like to see some independent representation in the Congress, and you’re the one that seems to have the most legitimate shot at breaking that glass ceiling.” – Michael Smerconish


Babinec JOBS Effect PlanNEXT -> Keeping families together in Upstate New York. Martin Babinec is committed to more jobs, better paying jobs and increased prosperity by using the power of Congress to bring together the right people to have the right conversations about jobs.

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