Upstate Jobs Party promises to transform empty political rhetoric into a movement that will breathe new life into the American Dream 


Binghamton, New York – Independent candidate for Congress, successful businessman, serial entrepreneur, startup investor and Upstate jobs advocate Martin Babinec today announced the creation of a new independent party line – Upstate Jobs.


“The Upstate Jobs Party will breathe new life into the American Dream for so many New Yorkers who have been betrayed by the empty promises of politicians on both sides of the aisle who say they will create jobs – but never do,” said Babinec.


He added, “We need to stop repeating the mistakes of the past: end crony capitalism; corporate giveaways and so-called billion dollar top down economic development slush funds and replace it with a sustainable economy powered by growth in innovation industries attractive to our region’s best talent.”


The line will be organized and chaired by John Bullis. Bullis is a 33 year higher education professional who currently chairs the Bassett Healthcare Network – Little Falls Hospital Board of Trustees in Herkimer County; and serves as the Chairman of the Human Technologies Corporation Board of Directors in Utica, New York.


“We can’t stand by anymore and watch our best and brightest flee Upstate New York to pursue opportunities in new industries they don’t find here in our region. I’m honored to Chair the Upstate Jobs party and support our candidate Martin Babinec who I know has the right ideas to help create jobs, transform our region and keep our families together,” said Bullis.


The petition process, which begins on June 21st, requires at least 3,500 signatures registered voters, of any party or blanks, throughout the district who have not signed another congressional petition this election cycle. There are approximately registered 435,500 voters in the 22nd Congressional District.


Concluded Babinec, “For too many in Washington and Albany the economy of Binghamton and the Southern Tier is at best a political football and at worst an uncomfortable after thought and that is why we chose Binghamton as the place to launch this effort. I know we have the talent and the resources to thrive, we need a movement to marshall that energy into political action.”


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Binghamton Prepared Remarks as Delivered by Martin Babinec


Betrayed and frustrated…These words come up far too often as people share their feelings about their government in Washington and Albany.


At the root of that feeling is an abiding sense of disappointment with a two party system that is invested in perpetuating the policy priorities of the special interest donor class and the careers of captive politicians – both Democrats and Republicans.
It’s not hard to see feelings of betrayal and frustration reaching a tipping point as evident in the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.


It’s fair to say Binghamton and the Southern Tier feels the pain of failed government more acutely them some other areas of the state and even the district. The boom times of IBM, Universal Link, GE and Endicott Johnson – the jobs and the industries that gave our parents middle class dreams are now fading memories.


Today, the lack of opportunity, investment and hope for the future is reaching epidemic levels in this area. As measured in terms of shrinking small business creation, stagnant wages, loss of young people, expansion of public benefits and heroin abuse, the region is suffering.


But I believe that can change – we have all the ingredients  – but change must start at it’s roots.
That is why I am here today to announce a new party line, the Upstate Jobs Party.


Upstate Jobs, it has a nice ring, doesn’t it? Two words we don’t hear together enough.


I’m not a politician – I’m a job creator. Creating jobs is something I know a lot about. I know what it takes to create an innovation environment where Binghamton, the Southern Tier and all of upstate can grow jobs. I know, because I have done it.


And that is why I am underwriting an effort to establish a line devoted to the singular issue of creating jobs.


I know the great history of this region, the birthplace of so many technologies and innovations that helped give the world flight. And I know the spirit of the people, because I am one of you – that’s why I moved home from Silicon Valley to Little Falls in 1999. I know what an amazing place our region is, the brains and the work ethic of our people what we can do together.


Over the last six years I’ve been on a journey with a non profit I founded and have volunteered my energies and resources – Upstate Venture Connect. Our mission has been to connect first time entrepreneurs in the newer industries with the resources that can help them start and grow their company.


This has included getting people to look beyond the boundaries of their local area or institution, and realize that the community of Upstate is rich with resources that can make a difference.


In that time we’ve been able to grow a network of more than 10,000 supporters, had a hand in engaging more than 250 local business people to become involved as investors in startup companies and equipped many organizations with tools and resources to connect entrepreneurs with resources.


We believe the cumulative effect of these efforts have laid the foundation for the creation of many companies and thousands of new jobs – and now become a set of foundational principles for the Upstate Jobs Party.
I’ll close with pointing out that 95 years ago yesterday, an entrepreneur named Charles Ranlett Flint started a small company called the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company and he made its headquarters just down the road in Endicott. Most people in 1911, had no idea what “computing” was or how that new technology would go on to transform this region, the world and our everyday lives. We of course know that company today as IBM.


Today there are thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs right here in our region – I know it, because I work with them everyday.  Like the people in 1911, we don’t know what the next breakthrough innovation will be but I do know the next IBM, the next Google, the next Charles Flint, the next Thomas Watson are right here in our midst. They need nurturing, they need guidance – they need to connect with other successful entrepreneurs  and they need a supportive community and regulatory environment.


That is why we are creating the Upstate Jobs Party and that is why I am running for Congress.
Upstate Jobs – let’s make it a reality.


Let’s get this Party started!