Only candidate guaranteed a ballot line for November 8th general election

The Independence Party of New York today announced the endorsement of job creator and true political outsider Martin Babinec for Congress in the 22nd District.

Citing his record as a business leader, philanthropist and entrepreneur who has created thousands of jobs, Independence Party Chairman Frank M. MacKay said the decision was an easy one.

“Martin Babinec is by far the best candidate for Congress int he 22nd District. Upstate New York needs jobs and Martin Babinec has a record of creating real jobs both on his own, as well as helping others do the same,” MacKay said.

“Not only is Martin a true outsider who will take on the status quo in Washington, but he has the knowledge and experience to back it up,” MacKay continued.

Babinec, as a sole candidate to receive the Independence Party endorsement and Wilson-Pakula authorization, is now the only candidate guaranteed a ballot line in the November 8th general election.

“We need to rekindle the belief that a kid from Little Falls can still dream big and live that dream right here. That’s the mission, the hope and the spirit I will bring to this race and to Congress,” said Martin Babinec.

Babinec, who grew up in a hard working blue-collar family in Little Falls, NY, founded TriNet in 1988. Starting from scratch, he built the cloud-based HR company to over $2 billion in annual sales and more than 2,500 high paying jobs.

“Washington politicians claim they know how to create jobs, but I can tell you it’s not by wasting your tax dollars on corporate welfare and it’s not through name calling and gridlock. Politicians don’t build companies; it’s the risk-takers and dreamers that build them. I have real experience creating jobs and as Congressman I will put the right people in a room to produce jobs and opportunity for Upstate NY,” Babinec said.

In 2010, in an effort to create a better job climate in Upstate New York, Babinec founded Upstate Venture Connect, a non-profit dedicated to accelerating the growth of startups by making it easier for first-time entrepreneurs to connect with each other and a network of resources across Upstate NY.

Babinec also co-founded StartFast Venture Accelerator that invests in and helps guide a group of startup companies each year in Central New York. He has personally invested in more than 20 New York based startup companies and an additional 50-60 others through seed capital and venture capital funds, several of which he helped other create. Martin is also co-founded IntroNet Corporation, a software startup creating a platform that helps people connect to resources and further grow the job-creating environment.

“I am proud to say these efforts have contributed to the creation of many new companies and lay the foundation of thousands of jobs. I have shown proven results to build stronger communities in Upstate NY, and I’m ready to deliver for the people of the 22nd District as their Congressman,” said Babinec.

Martin and his wife Krista are the proud parents of 3 adult children. The live in Little Falls, New York.


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