“You know, if GE’s a startup than I’m Justin Bieber!”

In this week’s Babinec JOBS Effect podcast, Martin Babinec, candidate for the 22nd Congressional District, explains the difference between his jobs plan and the Cuomo administration’s Start-Up NY program, including how Start-Up NY has produced a horrible return on tax payer dollars.

Question: There is bi-partisan agreement that Start-Up NY is a disaster. How has the program let our region down?

Since its inception two years ago, Start-Up NY has spent more than $53 million – and that figure is just on advertising – which equates to about $130,000 per job for the 408 jobs the programs has created so far. That’s a horrible return on tax payer dollars. Just for reference, in Upstate New York with a median income of only $32,000 a year, they could have just taken that money and supported over 1600 people with it. So this is what we get for spending all that money and voters are very upset about it. Some of the companies that are picked are politically connected in one way or another, it ends up being a rigged system. It’s rigged in favor of the lobbyists and the special interests who are making contributions to support the very politicians who are putting this program together. It’s just unbelievable.

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