A Real Time Look Inside the Babinec for Congress Campaign

Campaign invites voters along for the journey

Running Independent: Babinec for Congress DocumentaryLittle Falls, New York Martin Babinec, the Upstate Jobs, Reform and Independent candidate for NY’s 22nd Congressional District, today announced the launch of “Running Independent” an online documentary series chronicling Babinec’s journey as an independent candidate.

Early in the campaign Babinec was approached by Ander Kazmerski and Alex Weiser of Floating Home Films regarding use of video story telling as a vehicle to consider in communicating the unique challenge of running as an independent candidate. While a post election airing was discussed, given the unique and truly historic nature of Babinec’s candidacy, ultimately the decision was made to give voters a real time look inside the campaign and invite them along for the journey.

“Running Independent is an inside look at the unique and challenging journey of running for Congress as an outsider,” said Babinec. He added,”My goal is to bring voters on the road with the campaign and experience a process that is stacked against average citizens running for office.”

The series will be released online over the balance of the campaign.

Concluded Babinec, “As a voter, I never paid much attention to things like how candidates get access to the ballot or how the major parties control critical steps in the election process to the detriment of anyone wanting to run as an independent. People will be shocked when they see how it looks from the inside – and the games politicians play to keep the corrupt two party system in control.”

Video 1: Series Trailer “Running Independent”

Video 2: Preview of an upcoming episode – “Democrats Impressed with Babinec”


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