In this week’s Babinec JOBS Effect podcast, Martin Babinec, candidate for the 22nd Congressional District, explains as a third party candidate what he thought of the Democratic and Republican Conventions – including his disappointment in the lack of job creation initiatives discussed.

Question: Donald Trump is known primarily as a businessman instead of a politician. Did you hear anything from him, or anyone else during the Republican Convention that addressed the real economic concerns Americans face?


I certainly had high hopes, especially when the Republicans announced that Tuesday night was going to be the ‘Make America Work Again’ night. And throughout his campaign Trump has talked a lot about jobs and giving voice to real economic concerns that Americans face. It’s one of the things that connect him with so many voters who have been left behind, especially with families that get broken up and people fearing that the American Dream is not attainable for their children. And we’ve got a lot of people in our district here in Upstate NY that share those concerns. So even though they had that theme, I must admit it didn’t live up to its billing – not even close. There were a lot of platitudes, but not a lot of specifics that would really jumpstart our economy. And that was throughout the entire week. Neither party has really been serious about putting truly high impact initiatives on the table that will create jobs.

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