By: Marc Barraco | WUTR-TV

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Upstate Jobs advocate and Congressional Candidate Martin Babinec says years of poor governance and empty promises in Washington is the reason so many have left the state in pursuit of a better economic future. And one area where Babinec believes he can succeed is using his own experience in new industries in building jobs here in the 22nd District.

Babinec adds, “I know enough about this process to say, that as these companies get created in new industries, they in turn create opportunities for others in the local area. In fact, some people are surprised to hear that for every one job created in these what I call these, “innovation companies” that sell a product or service to a non local audience, the economic statistics will show five jobs are created in the local community.”

As to his eligibility, Babinec must collect 3,500 signatures to end up on the November ballot, however he can get those from any registered voters, of any party, throughout the district who have not signed another congressional petition this election cycle.

And he says one the major reasons for running is because he wants to provide opportunities in order to keep families together.

“There’s so many opportunities, but in order for us to take full advantage of that,  we have to have the right educational programs, to help prepare the skills they need to be successful, and keep our families together.”

Babinec cites the report released on the Start-Up New York program is a poor use of tax-payer dollars.

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