Babinec Campaign Releases New Ad “Just Right”

Only competitive 3rd party Congressional candidate in America responds to negative attacks

Little Falls, New York – In the face of a barrage of special interest fueled negative attacks from career politicians Claudia Tenney and Kim Myers, the Babinec campaign fired back, releasing a new ad, “Just Right.”  The ad highlights Babinec’s independence from the special interests, his commitment to running a positive campaign and the sheer ludicrousness of the cookie cutter partisan attacks.

“Claudia Tenney and Kim Myers should be ashamed, from obscene ballot access standards, to a partisan board of elections, to bogus attacks funded by special interests, they are part of a system that is rigged against newcomers,” said Babinec.


Babinec, the only competitive third party congressional candidate in America added, “the two party system is failing the American people, ignoring their pain and selling out to the highest bidder – we all deserve better.”


Claudia Tenney and Kim Myers are making a lot of noise.
That’s because they are career politicians taking special interest money
Now they’re attacking Martin Babinec.
Calling him too liberal, too conservative.
Martin Babinec’s an independent reformer, running a positive campaign about his experience as a successful job creator.
And he’s the only candidate not taking special interest money.
Too liberal?  Too conservative?
Sounds like he’s just right for us.
I’m Martin Babinec and I approve this message.
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