By Madison County Courier

Proposes simpler, fairer tax code that reduces rates and eliminates loopholes, endorses Faso property tax plan, calls for moratorium on new regulations

Reform and Upstate Jobs candidate Martin Babinec recently released a tax and regulatory plan to compliment his family first Jobs Plan.

“New Yorkers are prisoners of a corrupt political and economic development system that keeps taxes high and wastes taxpayer dollars rewarding donors and allies on phony deals,” said Babinec.

Babinec, a successful entrepreneur and founder of the not-for-profit Upstate Venture Connect, is a proponent of a new approach to job development that focuses on our homegrown job creators. UVC is helping to create a new entrepreneurial culture in the region that connects news businesses with the resources they need from access to capital to business advice to talent.

“Instead of doling out billions to lure out of state companies and reward connected donors, let’s dole out advice to hometown startups and connect aspiring entrepreneurs to talent and capital,” said Babinec.

  • Simplifying the tax code – at over 77,000 pages our tax code is written for the connected, the lawyers, and the lobbyists. It must be dramatically simplified;
  • Eliminating loopholes and giveaways – as an independent candidate, not taking a penny of special interest funding for my campaign, I will work to finally eliminate unneeded subsidies for commodities like ethanol and sugar which cost taxpayers billions and benefit politicians more than our citizens;
  • Lowering tax rates for all individuals paying taxes – the federal government taxes too much and spends too much. It’s time to reduce spending and return those savings to taxpayers;
  • Working to adopt the Faso Plan – New York imposes the highest burden in the nation on property taxpayers to support Medicaid. That is why I have endorsed John Faso’s plan to pass federal legislation that would prohibit the state from imposing a local government share of Medicaid costs;
  • An immediate moratorium on new regulations – with exception for instances involving risks to health and safety;
  • Repealing job-killing regulations that are little more than political punishments on successful businesses and industries.
To read the Babinec Tax and Regulatory Plan in full go to
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