2A Supporter Babinec, whose father was a Remington Shop Steward, shut out of NRA Rating

Independent candidate and strong 2nd Amendment supporter denied despite being interviewed and completing NRA questionnaire. Babinec issues 2nd Amendment Position Paper.

Little Falls, New York – Independent, Reform and Upstate Jobs Candidate Martin Babinec, a strong 2nd Amendment supporter, whose father worked in a Remington factory, was denied an NRA rating simply because he is a third party candidate. 
Babinec, who was interviewed by the NRA and submitted a questionnaire at their request has been informed that, despite his strong support of the 2nd Amendment, no rating would be issued.
“It’s sad, my Dad was a shop steward in the Remington community, I have a deep connection to the plant and am rock solid supporter of the 2nd Amendment issue – yet the NRA thinks I’m not worthy of a rating.” 
He added, “This is just another example of how the establishment works against competition in our elections – what voters care about and deserve to know is where we stand on the issues.”
In response to the unfortunate snub by the NRA the Babinec Campaign issued a position paper on the 2nd Amendment which can be found at BabinecForCongress.com
Concluded Babinec, “Voters are tired of the establishment dictating our elections, the same old-same old isn’t working, that’s why I’m running for Congress.”
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