Babinec Testimonials

Tributes to Martin Babinec & His Achievements

Martin Babinec is an entrepreneur, job creator and independent candidate running for NY’s 22nd Congressional District. Here are some videos and written testimonials, and public endorsements referencing Martin’s character and qualifications.

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Video Testimonials

Kale Kaposhilin
Founder, Evolving Media Networks

Chuck Stormon
Founder & CEO, RushTera

John Miller
Founder, SmartEarly Learning Centers

What Supporters Are Saying

Martin’s desire to create jobs is really who he is. He has always been an entrepreneur, and I admire that he’s willing to do the hard work to make something different happen so that we can get some legislation that is pro-jobs and pro-economy instead of all the rhetoric that we usually hear.
Chuck Stormon | Cazenovia, NY
It is not common to meet someone like Martin Babinec in the business world. He is putting forth an idea that you should give before you get. It’s how you make community around business. He’s really a leader in that idea, and he’s definitely going to do it when he gets to Washington.
Kale Kaposhilin | Kingston, NY
I really get tired of seeing the government give big companies all these incentives to come to Upstate and start a new project, but when is it happening? Martin’s idea of the private sector investing in new companies to create jobs resonates with me. He’s sincere, and I think that’s greatly lacking right now in Congress.
Brett Truett | Utica, NY